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The Nanomedicine Era has arrived.


Do you know what is shown in this image?


Here is the story of how it affects every one of us. (PDF 1.8 MB)

For other information about topics covered during the show, our suggestion is to purchase the ebook because it is word-searchable, which is especially practical when so many topics are covered.

Our Molecular Future has become a classic guidemap for projecting lessons from the past into the future. In print after 14 years, many of its forecasts are already shown to be accurate, and many others are on the way to being fulfilled.

To see the potential still to come, as well as lessons to learn from the past, be certain to get the ebook version to receive the added value of word-searching the many topical references throughout the text.

Our Molecular Future




"An excellent introduction to the emergence of molecular manufacturing and ...one more powerful reason...why attempting to ban the development of nanotechnology would be a grave error."

Jim Lewis, Foresight Institute Update


Our Molecular Future - How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World

Douglas Mulhall

390 pp. (Illustrations), Hard Cover $28
ISBN 1-57392-992-1
Prometheus Books 2002


Order the book from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, or your local bookstore, or in Canada from Amazon.ca.



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