Douglas Mulhall's work examines the transformative role of nanotechnology, robotics, genetics, and artificial intelligence, then explains how we might use them to improve our lives and cope with natural threats that range from diseases to climate changes.

He is one of the first journalists to describe the field of NanoEcology: the interface between nanotechnology and ecology.

His experience in communications started with an advanced degree in Journalism, progressed to documentary film making, then diversified into management when he co-founded the first commercial television network in the new Republic of Ukraine. He has produced a broad range of technology training materials, and written for national media such as The Futurist, Small Times Magazine, and The National Post. He contributed to the first Financial Times book on Green Business Opportunities.

He has in-depth experience with the technology/environment interface. He was Managing Director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, a scientific assessment organization. He co-founded the first Brazilian institute, 'O Instituto Ambiental', to be devoted exclusively to water recycling.

His hands-on work with preventative public health care and disaster preparedness came from co-designing, building, and operating water recycling and flood control facilities in China and Brazil, in cooperation with the European Commission and multinational companies.

Doug Mulhall is an engaging and convincing public speaker. He has given numerous presentations and talks at gatherings and conferences covering current subjects as wide as the ones discussed in Our Molecular Future. To enquire about his availibity and fees, please contact his office .





Douglas Mulhall



Douglas Mulhall is a contributing author to the first book about Green Business to be published by Financial Times/Pitman. He co-authored many related works including: the first green technology concept for the 2000 World Exposition; some of the first Intelligent Product Guidelines for industry, and the Guide to Tropical Wastewater Recycling published by the European Commission.

His articles have been published by a transcontinental spectrum of respected publishers including: Die Zeit and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany, Globo in Brazil, and Water, Environment & Technology and Futures Research Quarterly in the U.S.A.

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