Many love it, a few hate it, but everybody has something to say about Our Molecular Future:

It's great!!!

It's awful!!!

  • Savannah Morning News August 18, 2002 This review errs by describing today's dirt repellents as tomorrow's technology, and wrongly says that the book makes predictions for thousands of years from now...which it doesn't.
  • Publisher's Weekly - see review on the site. Unfortunately, this review contains inaccurate statements about the book's content. Most notably it says the book presents a singular view of the future, when in fact the book focuses on just the opposite: diverging views. Moreover, customers who've read the book disagree with the reviewer and give the book high marks.

Reviews that pan the book share a common denominator: each glosses over the theme: adapting to extreme environmental phenomena, and instead looks disbelievingly on some of the potential technology outcomes.

Intriguing, but weird...



Attention Librarians:

Here's an excerpt from Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries January 2003:

"Books that speculate on the future of science are frequently disappointing, as writers start with reasonable premises and quickly go into flights of fantasy. This is not the case with Our Molecular Future. Mulhall provides a realistic glimpse into the potentials of various futures.carefully separating science fact from science fiction."

Library Journal May 15, 2002 wrote: "...its subject is certainly timely, and many of the author's ideas are worth debate...this book is recommended for popular science collections in public libraries; general academic libraries may want to purchase."


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