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....about Our Molecular Future


"Douglas Mulhall argues persuasively that we attend to an imminent revolution in the scientific enterprise. Professionally, I'm excited by the opportunities nanotechnology and its spin-offs will provide for the gifted adolescent scientists and philosophers that I study and work with. When they read Mulhall's book, they'll see clearly where promising prospects may arise. On a personal level, the subject matter of Our Molecular Future is both intriguing and terrifying. I'm grateful to have Mulhall's lucid thinking as a guide to this new territory."

- Rena F. Subotnik, PhD,
Center for Gifted Education Policy
American Psychological Association,
author of Genius Revisited


"Mulhall offers a tantalizing glimpse of a nanotech future in which-to ensure the survival of our society-the tiniest of machines join battle with natures greatest warriors-volcanic supereruptions, giant tsunamis, and impacting asteroids."

-Bill McGuire,
Benfield Greig Professor of Geohazards and director,
Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre
, University College London,
author of Apocalypse

"A provocative and profoundly convincing message from the future."

- Graham Hancock, Archaeological Journalist
and Author of Fingerprints of the Gods,


"Impossible" science that can change our daily lives and thwart earth-threatening natural catastrophes -- the stuff of a dozen Hollywood thrillers? Douglas Mulhall shows that Our Molecular Future may be tantalizingly close and why we should care. His meticulously researched and concisely written text is the thinking person's guide to the new century, examining in detail technology's potential and disturbing social implications. This should be required reading for every college student."

- Eric Orbom, Hollywood Art Director
and Set Designer
for Future World, Spawn, and Deep Impact


"...mandatory reading for care providers and patients who wish to gain insight into what may lie ahead..."

- Dr. Eric Fishman, Surgeon,
President, 21st Century Eloquence,
one of America's largest voice-recognition vendors,


"Douglas Mulhall provides a guide to coming technological advances and to the inevitable changes those advances will impose on economics, society, government, even religion. Here is the fantastic--buildings that strengthen themselves to survive hurricanes, the emergence of trans-human culture--but even the most outlandish possibilities are based on technologies already well advanced. There is a darker side. Are we becoming more, or less vulnerable to natural disasters? Must long-term well-being fall victim to short-term greed? Can mass survival be a fundamental human right? "Our Molecular Future" is not just a guidebook to the future; it is a challenge to each of us to steer that future, and to grapple with its moral and ethical issues. This is a compelling, thought-provoking book."

- Gerard J. Fryer,
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI,


"In a breezy, journalistic style, Our Molecular Future takes us on a tour through some of the issues that will preoccupy many minds in the decades ahead, as humanity closes in on such revolutionary technologies as machine-phase nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. These issues deserve attention!"

-Dr. Nick Bostrom, Department of Philosophy,
Yale University, author of Anthropic Bias,


"This is a vital book for those who care about the environment, society, and deploying new technology to check the destructive power of humankind"

- Alan Thornton, President,
Environmental Investigation Agency


"This book will shake conventional environmental wisdom to its roots. … A landmark work that should be read by environmentalists and businesspersons alike."

-Dr. Patrick Moore,
cofounder, Greenpeace;
president, Greenspirit,
author of Pacific Spirit






Order the book from Prometheus Books
(toll-free order number 1-800-421-0351)

or through 21st Century Eloquence,

or in Canada from Chapters.

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